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Case Study

Lowell General Hospital needed to replace their retiring in-house physicist. West Physics alleviated their concerns and made the transition seamless.

When their in-house physicist retired in 2013, the administration at Lowell General were more than a little concerned about how they would replace him. Their systems and processes for medical physics services were unique, so Lowell was bracing for difficulties as they searched for a solution that could fit their specific needs.

“During the bidding process, West Physics established itself as the clear favorite. Their professionalism, expertise, sophistication, and high standards set them apart from the competing firms.”


West Physics provides a suite of comprehensive medical testing and consulting services.

Dose Optimization:
Turn-key CT and fluoroscopy Dose Optimization programs that facilitate optimal safety and image quality decisions about equipment, software, staff, and patients.

Unique expertise to help facilities comply with all Joint Commission, ACR, and IAC standards. Staff collaboration to optimize processes and equipment, and rapid responses to resolve issues.

Annual/Periodic Testing:
Clear communication of test results and responsive service to ensure your facility’s regulatory compliance — and to substantially improve patient safety and image quality.

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Services:
Unparalleled regulatory expertise to provide RSO services, including staff training, regular on-site audits, emergency response availability, and dosimetry review.

Auditing & Regulatory Consulting:
Agency standards and regulations compliance, all in a simple, stress-free and cost-effective manner.

Other Services:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • X-Ray Shielding Design & Verification
  • Training Services
  • MRI Safety Expert (MRSE) Services
  • Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Services

“We initially held some reservations about their ability to serve our market, but those concerns disappeared immediately due to their local team and accessibility.”


West Physics is committed to a customer-focused culture that delivers the best in physics consulting:
Responsiveness: Treating each interaction with a sense of urgency—scheduling service is easy, and report turn-around is quick.
Seamless Integration: Structured to fit into your environment, providing value immediately.
Proactive Service: Taking the initiative to make things right and to follow through. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.
Transparency & Trust: Fostering a relationship built on impartial and independent advice to help you choose the best products and services for your needs.


When the radiology department faced an unannounced state survey, the West Physics team immediately took the lead in coordinating with the staff of two Lowell General campuses and the Radiation Control Program surveyors to address the response. Through their guidance, improvements were initiated and completed in a timely fashion.

“As for moments or elements that stick out, it’s their responsiveness.”

“We are always amazed at the professional polish and detail in their reports.”